Iomramh is the literal translation from the Gaelic for to row. Iomramh is a cultural association, founded in Barcelona by Mark Redden (Boat-builder) and Aidan King (Business) in 2007. Ari Bastart (Barcelona born, handles publicity and admin) and Audun Waage (Norwegian born, promotion) joined the association in 2010. Donal Quinn has since joined the team as the scope of the event necessitated further expertise.

Iomramh´s underlying purpose is to put interactive creative projects into existence. Our first project was the launching of a Currach on St. Patrick’s Day 2008 on Barceloneta Beach. That project was documented and screened on TV3.

Hundreds of people have rowed in our boats. 6 currachs have been built in Barcelona and for St Patrick’s Day we have organized and ran seven Currach regattas in the port of Barcelona – the only event of its kind on the Mediterranean.


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Irish in Barcelona is a platform designed to connect the Irish community in Barcelona. As well as organising meetups the platform promotes any and all Irish related events in the city. Visit the website and signup to the newsletter for more.


John Mann at Storyboard Comix is creating original artwork to publicise the festival. See more of his work at